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How to submit results manually on JustRace

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When joining online events on JustRace, you can choose manual results submission method when:

  • You do NOT use Strava app.
  • You use another GPS tracking app to record run/walk results (like Samsung Health, Google Fit, adidas Running, Nike Run Club…).
  • You use smartwatch or treadmill.
  • You want to submit result using steps or calories burned, instead of distance.
  • You register while the event is happening and you are allowed to submit runs/walks done before registration time.

If you use Strava, please take a look at How to connect Strava to JustRace to make results submission easier.

Below are manual submission steps on JustRace.

Step 1: Start

  • Sign in JustRace.
  • Tap “Activities” on the bottom menu.
  • Tap “Submit activity”.

Step 2: Choose an event

Tick the event you want to submit result (an orange tick and border appear), then tap “Next”.


Step 3: Enter the activity information

  • Choose your activity type.
  • Enter activity name (optional)
  • Enter the distance you ran or the steps you walked or the calories you burned. The system will automatically convert to km.
  • Enter the time (hour, minute, second) it took to do that activity.
  • Upload screenshots of your mobile app/smartwatch/treadmill showing tracklog / steps / calories (choose “Select images” to upload images from your phone/desktop)

Then tap “Finish”.

Other activities (rope jumping, pushups, squats, yoga…)

If you perform multiple activities to complete the registered distance, submit one activity at a time to avoid exceeding attachment size limit. After you submit sufficient distance, we will check it once again and activate the e-Certificate download button.

Step 4: Review the submitted activity

The submitted activity will appear in “My activities” list.

  • The Individual section features all of your submitted activities, even including activities that are not designated for any specific event (when you run and do not join any event).
  • The Event section features activities that you submitted for specific events. Tap “Select event” to filter activities belonging to an event you wish to view.

To view an activity in details, tap the green eye icon. To delete an activity, tap the red trash bin icon.


You can also check completion percentage in “Activity completion”.

See details at: Track your activities on JustRace

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