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Track your activities on JustRace


After submitting your runs/walks on JustRace by Strava synchronization or manual submission, you can review them by going to Activities section on the bottom menu.

Your activities will appear in:

  • Stats table
  • Activity completion (if you are joining a virtual race)
  • My activities


1. Stats table

  • Total distance: Total distance of all activities you have ever submitted (including activities submitted when you do not join any event).
  • AVG. Pace: Average pace, measured in minutes per kilometer.

                           AVG. Pace = Total duration of all activities / Total distance

  • AVG. Distance: Average distance of every time you run/walk.

                           AVG. Distance = Total distance / Total activities

  • Total activities: Total activities you have submitted (including activities submitted when you do not join any event).

2. Activity completion

Where you can track completion percentage after you register and successfully pay for an event.

You can download e-BIB after payment and e-Certificate after finishing an event.

Your progress is shown in kilometer and accumulated percentage bar compared to your registered distance. When you finish, the percentage bar will turn into green and “Completed”.

NOTICE: If the percentage bar does not correctly reflect your progress, please go to our fanpage and text us your BOOKING CODE (8 digits next to the shopping cart icon below) to get support.


3. My activities

  • The Individual section features all of your submitted activities, even including activities that are not designated for any specific event (when you run and do not join any event).
  • The Event section features activities that you submitted for specific events. Tap “Select event” to filter activities belonging to an event you wish to view.

To view an activity in details, tap the green eye icon. To delete an activity, tap the red trash bin icon.

NOTICE: You can only delete activities that are manually submitted on JustRace. If you wish to delete activities synced from Strava, please do it in your Strava account.


You can use My activities list to check if:

  • Any activity synced from Strava is missing. 
  • Any activity appear in Individual list but not in Event list (although you are joining an event). The reason may be because you forgot to choose the event when manually submitting that activity => Delete it and submit again.

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